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A Subsidiary Company of
RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd
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We are the bearer of the world famous brand ‘RAK’ in Bangladesh on behalf of our mother business venture, RAK Ceramics (BD) Ltd. There are many other RAK branded businesses in Bangladesh operating since long before. We RAK Security and Services (Pvt) Ltd are committed to put up the best of our ability and efforts to uphold the prestige and image of RAK. In the field of security and services we are operating with quality and dedication whereby clients are found happy and satisfied. The contents and the other aspects which are given here are really a brief introduction of our company regarding operation and administration which produces the ultimate result of satisfaction. However, we are at the time to serve the community and eventually the nation. Security and safety services as someone will receive from us will obviously get a different satisfaction. There is scope for our clients to compare our efforts at the point of quality and sincere mental makeup. At this point of time we are confident that no doubt one will find we are the most eligible and dependable team that can fulfill your security and safety requirements and keep you secured and well operational everyday.

RAK Security and Services (Pvt) Ltd looks forward to maneuver and operate the following Security and Services for the clients:


1. Guard Services (Premises and Office Security).
2. Body Guards (VIP, CIP and Personal Security).
3. High Rise Building Security.
3. Cash Carrying.
4. Security Survey, Threat Assessment.
5. Security Design, Assignments and Employment.
6. Investigation.
7. Electronic Surveillances and Security including search and sweep.
8. Event Security.

A customized security and safety syllabus is prepared and taught the students, the potential security personnel according to the requirements of clients; and employing them for professional jobs.


Maintenance Services Contract
• Industrial Cleaning
• Commercial Cleaning
• Office and Residential Cleaning
• Cleaning Hospitals and Clinics - Medical waste managements etc
• Outdoor Cleaning
• Super Market & Shopping Mall Cleaning
• Community Cleaning
• Lift and Escalator Operation and Maintenance
• AC installation and maintenance –Industrial, Office and Residence. .
• Mechanics for Fridge, TV, Oven and all sorts of home appliances.

Manpower Services

• Executive cash counter (POS) for super stores, novelty shops etc.
• Office supportive hands, i.e. peon (Male and Female), tea boy and maid, waiters etc.
• Janitorial Services
• Nurses, Secretaries and front desk Officers (Male and females)
• Drivers for offices, home and factories.
• Lady Secretaries for senior and elderly ladies.
• Cook, helpers, house keepers etc for domestic use.
• Gardeners for offices, houses, factories, shopping complexes etc.

Specialized Services

• Carpet Shampooing & Drying
• Carpet Extraction & Drying
• Upholstery Cleaning & Drying
• Floor Scrubbing, Polishing & Buffing
• Floor Waxing.
• Granite & Marble Diamond Cutting & Polishing
• High Rise Curtain Glass Cleaning for high rise building and shopping complexes
• Maintenance of electricity, gas, water supply and plumbing, garage, parking, internal and external security,
• Waste management
• Venetian Blind Cleaning
• Car & Bus Washing
• Fire Equipment Supply

Other Services

• Plantation, Landscaping & Floral Presentation
• Pest Control, Rodent Control and Fumigation
• Fly and Mosquito Control
• Property Management Services- For Non-Residents Bangladeshis.

RAK Institute of Science and Technology (Future Project)

A well equipped multi dimensional training center/Technical Institute named RAK Institute of Science and Technology is coming up soon in Dhanua, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh to provide all the supports with the Security and Services related training matters. The RAK Security and Services’ Technical Institute is the breeding and rearing house for the above ventures of this company.

Following openings:

a. A complete Technical Institute will be established in the village of Dhanua, Sreepur, Gazipur.
b. A vivid curriculum from Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Agargaon, Dhaka, Graduate Engineering curriculum and Mirpur Agricultural
Workshop and Training School (MAWTS).
c. Short Training Courses will be imparted to the poor, needy and unemployed students of the society for the betterment of their carrier.
d. A customized security and safety syllabus will be prepared and taught to the students / the potential security personnel and employing them for
professional jobs.

As on today we have a long list of clients in the country and sent a good numbers of security guards, supervisors and services hands to UAE in many

companies to provide required services. We are confident and wish that we can be the best services provider among all that of this kind in country.

Recruitment Policy of Security Personnel (SP)

* We have wide network for recruiting purpose through out the country. There are employees who are dedicated to promote and encourage their
village people to get recruited in this Company as guards and maintenance stuff.

* We send our HR- Recruiting team in the villages at grass root level to collect and recruit the young energetic unemployed lots as our security
guards and maintenance hands through an aptitude test conducted on the ground.

* We go with reference check for the purpose of recruiting and security verifying.

* Supervisors and Inspectors are all from armed forces back ground.

* Maintenance and Utility employees are also recruited basing on the IQ test and put under a complete training of 15 days at our in house training
institute in Dhaka.

* Many a times they under go an internship with all kinds of maintenance work with our RAK Group ventures.

* We send our trained Guards and Maintenance workers of better caliber and quality to our other RAK companies located in Ras-Al-Khaima (RAK),
UAE and other countries of Middle East.

Related Parameters

Age Limit and Minimum Ht-Wt: (Security Personnel)

* Guards - 18 to 40 Yrs – 5’5” - 105 Lbs + - VIII to HSC, (Can be liberal basing on better education)
* Supervisors - 26 to 47 Yrs – 5’5” - 105 Lbs + - VIII to HSC, (Preferable Armed Forces Background).
* Inspectors - 35 to 50 Yrs – 5’5” - 110 Lbs + - SSC above, (Preferable Armed Forces Background).
* Officers - 25 to 50 Yrs – 5’5” - 110 Lbs + - HSC above,

Experience - Previous Services Rank wise : (Security Personnel)

* Guards - Ex Uniform Services man, Ansar Trained, Ex Guard Services, Fresh etc.
* Supervisors - Ex Uniform Services man / Ranks, Ansar Trained etc.
* Inspectors - Ex Uniform Services man / NCOs, equivalent WO and above etc.
* Officers - Ex Uniform Services man / Sgt, equivalent WO and above etc.

Ex Uniform Services man means Armed Forces, BDR, Police, Ansar etc

System of Checking Physical Fitness

* Look - Physical Get up.
* Minimum Height - 5′5″.
* Minimum Weight - 105 Lbs and above.

Medical Fitness Checked from own Vendor Clinic for special cases.

Verification System of his past Education and Service Life

* Educational Certificates (From Board and School), School teachers / headmaster etc.

* Entrance Exam – During Recruiting,

* Personal Interview - During and After Recruiting,

* Referred Persons,

* Known / Close related persons and local government and elected social representatives.

* Retired / Ex Services Men – Departmental Release Book and from his services record office.

System to Check his/her involvement with anti-state /social element party or Terrorist group

This is not done for all but for any doubtful case we follow the procedure mentioned bellow :

* Police Verification – If and the way possible.

* Chairman’s Certificate and personal communication with UP chairman / UP member and social representative.

* References Check – Referred person written in his Bio-Data.

* Personal Interview and sending our own man to his local area and the place where he lives if case demands.

It is really very difficult to get a potential SP verified from the Police but in some serious cases we do it by the cooperation and help of the client.